Zesty Marmaritas!

Samantha Burgess

Samantha Burgess


Ready to level up your margarita game? Try adding marmalade for an extra-zingy twist on this classic cocktail.

Perfect for a boozy brunch or as an afternoon refresher!

  • 60ml Tequila (The best you can afford!)

  • 30ml Triple Sec

  • 30ml Lime juice

  • 1 heaped teaspoon Triple Citrus Marmalade

  • 1 full cup of ice

  • 1 tps Salt

  • Zest of ½ lime

  • Lime wedge

  1. Mix salt & zest together and spread on small plate.

  2. Run lime wedge around a glass.

  3. Dip rim of glass into the salt mixture.

  4. Place all other ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Pour into the prepared glass and serve!